1. Tips to Host a Fun Christmas Hens Party

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    Planning to tie the knot in Summer? Have you ever thought of throwing your hens party in your favourite festive theme? From Christmas decorations to carols, you plan everything with great attention to detail to ensure that every day in December is magical! So, if your hens night and the favourite festive time of the year overlap, why not throw your hens party celebrations on a Christmas theme? Here we’ve listed a few tips to throw a fun Christmas hens party that’s sure to beat all others.

    Christmas Hens Party Themes

    From the Christmas PJ party to the Characters of Christmas, there are different fun party themes that enhance the mood of your Christmas themed hens party. For instance, you can ask the bride-to-be to dress as Mrs Clause and have the guests arrive like little elves. Also, wear hens nig

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  2. 3 Classy Hens Party Ideas for Summer

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    It’s summer, and that means hens parties are in full swing! A hens party is an elegant celebration of the bride-to-be and her last hurrah before marriage, but it doesn’t always have to be about home parties. Sometimes, it’s nice to just let loose and have some fun with your friends. That said, there are plenty of classy hens party ideas that you can enjoy even if you want to keep things formal. Here are three hens party ideas that would be great for a summer wedding.

    Go Camping

    A hens party is the right time to give life to your beloved camping getaways. Even if you live in a city, there are plenty of great options available that allow overnight stays. As long as you have a great tent and some tasty recipes planned, there is no reason why you can’t spend time outdoors on your own little adventure. You can also spruce up the party feel by adding a few

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  3. Hens Night Activities for a Memorable Event

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    Whether you call it a hens party or simply the bachelorette party, the weeks leading up to the big night should be filled with excitement and anticipation! Planning can be overwhelming if this is your first time organising the event. Here are some fun hen party activities to help make your celebration unforgettable!

    Rock Climbing

    If you’re all about keeping it old school, consider going rock climbing. Whether you choose to scale an indoor wall or head out into nature, just be sure you know what you’re doing beforehand and that your group of ladies has helmets, shoes and belay ropes. Your team bride won’t forget this activity for years to come.

    Hens Night Dressups

    Dressups are a great activity for a hens night, whether you’re planning to have fun at home or heading out to paint the town red. Whether you want to go as characters from your favourite movie o

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  4. Top Reasons to Choose a Cruise Tour on Your Hens Night

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    For many women, the hens night is just as much fun as the wedding itself, if not more so! You’ll want to make sure that you get the best out of your hens night, and what better way to do that than with an amazing cruise tour? Here are some of the top reasons why cruising on your hens night will be one of the best decisions you make all year!

    Entertainment Options

    Cruises provide lots of options for entertainment: you can watch movies, listen to live music and enjoy entertaining shows. Cruises also come with discos and bars where you can dance with your friends. If you’re feeling hungry, there are always buffets and restaurants onboard that you can go to for food. You also have all-day access to pools and outdoor activities such as water skiing and jet skiing when in port.

    Laid Back Atmosphere

    A hens nig

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  5. Backdrop Theme Ideas for an Amazing Hens Party

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    Did you know utilising backdrops for your hens party event elevates the theme and décor of your special occasion? Yes! Hens night decorations are the first thing your guests will notice, and choosing the right backdrop can give your hens party a stylish and trendy look. Here we’ve discussed a few backdrop themes that you must consider while planning a purchase list of hens night supplies.

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  6. How to Throw a Disney Themed Hens Party

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    People of all ages love Disney. Whether it be the movies or the theme parks, many people have always had Disney in their lives. So, why not incorporate this most-liked theme by all for your upcoming hens party? Here we’ve listed a few tips that would help you organise a Disney-themed hens party.

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  7. Hens Party Traditions that You Shouldn’t Let Go Of

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    Every girl dream of a magical and elegant fairy tale wedding. While the thought of a romantic wedding can be exciting, the bride tribe is equally thrilled for the associated traditional events for the blushing bride, such as a hens party. From buying hens party products to planning the guest list, there are many fun things that you can do together with the bride, which allows you to spend more time with her before she says ‘I Do.’ Today, hens parties are getting extravagant, from hosting a hens party in exotic destinations to having multiple activities over several days. Here we’ve listed a few hens party traditions that you should embrace to have a fun-filled bonding experience.

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  8. Fun Things to Do at Your Hens Party

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    Doesn’t your bride love the idea of stumbling drunkenly between X-rated male review show? We have some good news for you! The old school hens night ideas that can make people cringe may not have a place in the evening of fun for a modern, enlightened bride. Today, these parties are more modern, fun, and super cool. The bride-to-be having her girl pals who are incredibly important in her life around her at the party is more important than any daggy ideas. Here are a few fun things you can do at a hens party that are relaxing, pampering, and luxurious.

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  9. Fun Theme Ideas for Hens Party at Home

    Fun Theme Ideas

    While a night out on the town is a popular hens party choice, planning a hen night at home can be more memorable. Honestly, it would be a safe and wise idea during this pandemic situation. The place doesn’t matter as long as the bride-to-be has her best team of girls around her. Creating the perfect hens party at home is plenty of fun, and she will have the perfect send-off into married life. Here we’ve listed a few hens party themes that go well with your at-home party. Pick out your favourite theme and get ready to party.

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  10. Tips to Host a Hens Party at Home

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    Hosting a hens party at home? Aren’t you sure where to start? Here we’ve listed a few tips to organise a fun hens party at home without breaking your budget.

    Know the Basics

    If you have been asked to organise a hens party for your friend, find out what the bride wants. Get cheap hens party supplies based on her desires as you don’t want to buy something that could make her feel completely gross. Also, ask the bride to prepare the guest list to ensure everyone is invited.

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