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  1. Some Fabulous Themes for an Amazing Hens Party

    Girls are willing to go the extra mile to plan the perfect hens party for their friends. This includes coming up with a fantastic theme and planning around it so that the entire set up matches the theme. You can opt for a simple or an elaborate theme, based on your budgets, guest list and the kind of night or day you have planned. We bring you some remarkable themes that will definitely leave a striking impression in everyone’s minds. 1. Hawaiian Hula – If you don’t want to go the conventional bunny and devil route, this is a great theme option. You only need a white shirt, a grass skirt and a Hawaiian Lei set. This is a beautiful theme and is extremely affordable. 2. Naughty school girls – If your girl gang is all set for a naughty night, this is a great theme option. Dress up as naughty school girls and be bold and beautiful! You will just need a tie, a short skirt, white shirt and knee length socks along with a lot

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  2. 3 Unique Game Ideas for A Memorable Hens Night

    If you have been asked to plan a hens night for your friend, you might feel the pressure to make it the best farewell night of her singlehood. This night will be incomplete without some exciting hens games. We bring you some unique game ideas that can ensure a fabulous celebration that will become a beautiful memory in the years to come! 1. Guess the Lingerie Every guest must bring a lingerie item to the party and the bride must guess who has brought it. Put up all the lingerie on a hanger and ensure that the bride is busy when the guests are giving their items. You can also make a drinking game during this and drink a shot every time she makes a wrong guess! 2. Designing the wedding dress This is one of the highest played cheap hens night games as it only involves toilet paper and unlimited imagination!

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