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  1. The Guest List for the Hens Party

    The Guest List for the Hens Party

    Putting together the right guest list is probably the most challenging task in planning a Hens party. The decision however is mostly based on preference of the bride. Here are the solutions to some of the questions that usually pop up while planning invitations.

    Mother and Mother-in-Law

    Some contemporary brides do not have a problem with inviting the mother or mother-in-law to the hens night. However if you are planning for a raunchy and raucous party that may not go down every well with the older generation, then it is better to keep them at bay.
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  2. Planning a Vintage Hens Party

    Planning a Vintage Hens Party

    Vintage is in rage! Vintage themes are not only for those who admire the womanly etiquette of the bygone era. It is a perfect way to let travel back in time and explore fantastic fashion, hair-dos and glamour. Here is how you can get started with this classy theme.

    Pick your favourite era

    Anything from the 1920s to the 1970s can be called vintage. Choose your favourite decade by analysing the vibes associated with that particular time, For instance, the 1950s were a “rock and roll” time. A jitterbug dance or Elvis –styled waiters would be apt for this era.
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