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  1. Hens Party Theme Ideas

    Hens Party Theme Ideas

    You are planning a hens night and have no idea where to begin.  Well, start by coming up with a theme. A hens party should be the stuff of fantasies, but the fantasy should be the bride’s and not your own.  Be sure to find out what the bride would like as a theme.  There are brides who already know what they want and others who may not be sure and are open to experimenting. Here are some ideas to work with:

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  2. Spice up Your Party with Hens Night Accessories and Games

    Spice up Your Party with Hens Night Accessories and Games

    The hens night you plan should be centred around the wishes of the bride.  There are a variety of hens night accessories that you can choose from as you start making plans.  A great idea is to have a bell that she can ring every time she needs her drink to be stocked up. Another idea would be to have a garter on her that she can flash all night!  You may also consider purchasing some keepsakes for her whenever you go to buy bachelorette party supplies so that she can always remember this night.

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  3. Old School Hens Night

    Old School Hens Night

    There are particular elements that make a hens night successful. The three simple rules are: one, be sure you know the bride very well and the kind of party she would like. Two, remember that the objective of the hens party is to get all her close friends together so you can celebrate your bride. Three, have fun!  It is important to know that each single bride is distinct.  Some prefer a night on the town, others a day in the spa, while others look forward to an old school party.

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  4. Using a Hen’s Night Party Planner

    Using a Hen’s Night Party Planner

    If you have been charged with the responsibility of planning a hens party and don’t have the time it may be a great idea to use a party planner. The good thing about that is, they usually know the latest trends when it comes to hens night games and activities. For most people, the challenge with planning a hens night is that you may not know what everyone will enjoy. A good party planner though, will know what the more popular activities are and what will be liked by the whole group.

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