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  1. Social Media Dos and Don’ts at Bachelorette Parties

    Social Media Dos and Don’ts at Bachelorette Parties

    You are the maid of honour and you are planning your bestie’s bachelorette party. You have planned the most fun hens night games, have invited all your closest friends, and have made sure that the food and drink consists of all the bride’s favourites. Of course, you are tempted to share all the little details about this fabulous day on social media – pictures of the food, the clothes, the bride to be’s grand entrance, and everything that happens that night! Social media makes it oh so easy to share the cute outfits, the beautiful moments and more.

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  2. Hens Night Etiquette

    Hens Night Etiquette

    The hens night is one of the most important days in the wedding week, for the bride to be. It is the day that is absolutely all about her, where she can let her hair down, relax and have some fun with her closest friends. It is also the day when she has the least amount of stress, as all the arrangements are usually made by the maid of honour.

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