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  1. Avoid These Three Things While Planning a Hens Party

    Avoid These Three Things While Planning a Hens Party

    Your best friend is getting married, and you are asked to be the maid of honour. It would be one of the best feelings in your life and comes with its own responsibility. Pulling a great hens party is a big responsibility, and you must spend a considerable amount of time to plan, buy supplies for hens party activities, and more. But, most of the times, people often get overwhelmed about the party and go on missing out the basic details behind any hens party. So, here we’ve listed the basic three things to look into while planning a hens party to make it a great success.

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  2. Spice Up Your Hens Party with More Fun Activities

    Spice Up Your Hens Party with More Fun Activities

    Planning and organising a hens party is a daunting task for the maid of honour. But, you can easily surprise the bride and the bride tribe with a little planning and getting creative. If you are tasked with hens night activities for your friend, try the unbeaten path to make this special day a great hit.

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  3. Tips to Plan a Virtual Hens Party at Home

    Virtual Hens Party

    Did COVID-19 cancel your or your friend’s hens party? Postponing a wedding or hens party that you are looking forward to is the absolute worst. As social distancing and home isolation have become a new normal, throwing a virtual hens party at home is real fun, and help you celebrate the bride from during these difficult times. Hosting an online party allows you to stay connected, keep her spirit high, and spoil the bride from afar. Here are a few tips for organising a virtual hens party at home.

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  4. Hens Night Shop-One-Stop Shop for Hens Party Supplies

    Hens Night Shop – One-Stop Shop for Hens Party Supplies

    A hens night is a time-honoured tradition, and it should be a memorable time for the bride-to-be and her guests. It’s the first in line celebration among all the celebrations lying ahead of your wedding planning. You want it to be perfect and make it the best night to remember. So, start shopping for fun and playful hens night supplies to spice up the event.

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