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  1. Lockdown Hens Party Ideas – You Don’t Have to Be in One Place to Have Fun

    Lockdown Hens Night Party

    With a majority of the countries practising social distancing, we are in the middle of another lockdown. It has entirely changed the way that we entertain ourselves. Yes, musicians and singers have started streaming concerts on YouTube, celebrities performing live on social media platforms such as Instagram, and more. While the effects of COVID – 19 are still here, there are also threatening news regarding the new delta variant. This means COVID – 19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, why keeping on postponing your hens night? Everything has changed, and it’s high time to make some changes in hosting your bridal party too. Here are a few tips for throwing a lockdown hens night or a virtual hens party.

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  2. The Most Inexpensive Hens Party Ideas and Games

    Hens Party Ideas

    Looking for budget-friendly ways to make your hens night special? Here we’ve listed cheap hens party games and ideas that can make your hens night one to remember.

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  3. Expert Tips to Have a Wonderful Hens Party Weekend

    hens night decorations

    Are you wondering how to plan a perfect hens party weekend? Here we’ve shared a few ideas that could help you guide through the tasks and have a wonderful hens party weekend.

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  4. Classy Hens Party Accessories for Bride and Her Tribe

    hens party sashes

    Looking for cheap and cheerful hens party supplies in Australia? No matter what your brides’ style for the hens party theme is, Hens Night Shop has the perfect and cheap hens party supplies for you. From favourite sashes to badges, we’ve listed a few accessories that would add more fun to your hens party.

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  5. Cute and Fun Hens Night Accessories Under A$10

    Hens Night Accessories

    Planning to organise a hens night that doesn’t break your bank? It’s easier said than done. With easy accessibility to fun hens night accessories and supplies online, it’s easy to go a bit overboard. But, for bridesmaids who want to throw the best hens party within the budget, we’ve rounded up a few cute and fun hens night supplies that are under $10.

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