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  1. First-time Bridesmaids: Fun Hens Party Theme Ideas

    bridal party sashes

    From planning and attending all pre-wedding celebrations such as a hens party to helping out will all aspects of the wedding, your bridesmaid duty means agreeing to a long list of responsibilities. If you are a first-time bridesmaid, it can be difficult to plan fun and entertaining hen party activities. Don’t fret! Here we’ve listed a few fun hens party theme ideas that help you throw an unforgettable hens party without breaking the bank.

    A Beach Themed Hens party

    A beach themed hens party is both budget friendly and can easily be customised for any location. With beach themes, most of your decor will already be done for you with all those shells and sand castles. You can also invest in cheap hens party supplies online to add more fun to your party theme.

    Makeover Parties

    When it comes to making a great first impression, you want to go all out. However, if you’re on a tig

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  2. Hens Night Do's and Don'ts

    hens night games

    The night you’ve been waiting for all year is fast approaching, and there’s no time to waste! Whether you want to treat yourself and your friends to an action-packed hens party or just need to learn how to organise one on the cheap, this list of do’s and don’ts will help you. Remember, having fun at your hens party is what matters most, but if you follow these guidelines, it won’t be hard!

    Do Buy Hens Night Supplies at Cheap Prices

    Instead of spending your entire budget on expensive gifts for your girls, make sure you buy cheap hens night supplies online. From balloons to candles, tiaras to photobooth supplies, there are a wide range of cheap hens night assortments available online to make your night even more memorable. If you shop smart, you can buy everything you need for under $50.00 - it’s so easy!


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  3. Awesome Ideas for Autumn Hens Party

    Autumn Hens Party

    Australian seasons aren’t like the traditional Western seasons. Autumn in Australia is a time of growth, and the Northern half of Australia is usually green at this time of the year. In many parts of Australia, there is an increase in rainfall, and most outdoor activities are ruled out. So, it’s crucial for the hens to find out some trendy ideas to make their hens party an unforgettable one.

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