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  1. How to Throw a Lockdown Hens Party

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    Want to give your friends and family something different at your hens party during these uncertain times? Something they won’t forget? Something that will be the talk of the town after the party? Then, why not throw a lockdown hens party at home! Lockdown hens parties have been gaining popularity in recent years, and you can’t blame them – this has become the new normal today!

    Themed Virtual Party

    Hosting a themed party is an easy way to make your hen’s party really stand out. Themed parties are particularly effective at keeping guests engaged throughout and will ensure that everyone is on board with all of your planned activities. So, inform your guests to get dressed up based on the theme, and then get them all together in Zoom call to get the party started. You can also order cheap hens pa

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  2. 3 Tips to Buy Hens Night Products Online

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    One of the most fun events in any wedding planning process is the hens night, which is typically held by the bride-to-be’s closest friends shortly before her wedding day (hence its name). If you’re thinking about hosting one yourself or shopping around for one to attend, there are some things you might want to keep in mind when purchasing products like hens night sashes and accessories online. Here are three tips to help you get the best value on your hens night products!

    Do Your Research

    Before you purchase hens night products online, do your research! Make sure that whatever you buy is safe and fun for all of your guests.

    Consider Online Options

    The rise of online sho

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