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  1. Perfect Ideas for an Autumn-themed Hens Party

    Autumn-themed Party

    The perfect Autumn-themed hens party doesn’t need to be difficult to plan or execute, but it does require you to think outside the box and offer your partygoers some unique activities and decorations to make the night memorable. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of ideas here to help you craft an event your guests will never forget! From fun games you can play at home to unique hens night products, our roundup of the best hens party products will help you turn any ordinary get-together into an unforgettable bash!

    Place Decorations Around

    It’s fun to put autumnal decorations around your venue, but it’s also a lovely way of making your event feel extra special for all those who attended. Things like brightly coloured autumn leaves and hay bales can help set a festive mood as well as give your guests something interesting to look at. These types of decorations are simple but eff

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  2. The Ultimate Guide for the First-time Bridesmaids to Throw a Perfect Hens Party

    Guide for the First-time Bridesmaids

    A bridesmaid’s first time as an attendant is typically filled with excitement, anxiety, and lots of last-minute preparations, which can be overwhelming and stressful – especially if you have never been in this role before. We’ve created the ultimate guide to being a first-time bridesmaid to help you get ready for your big day and plan the best hens night for your bestie.

    Prepare the Guest List

    The first thing you need to do is to prepare a guest list. Be careful when you create the guest list because you don’t want to end up inviting someone whom the bride doesn’t want to be on her last night of freedom. Also, determine the group size as it has a significant impact on your decisions of lodging and hens party activities.

    Find a Location

    Choosing a location for your party is often one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make. Hens nights

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