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  1. How to Host a Hens Party on Budget

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    If you’re hosting a hens party, then you want to make sure it’s as fun and memorable as possible without breaking the bank! Here are some great tips on hosting a hens party on a budget.

    Decide a Location

    Deciding where your hens party will be held is often one of the first items on any planning checklist. There are several factors to consider here, including price, venue capacity and what kind of atmosphere you want for your big night out. You can choose from literally hundreds of locations – from homes to hotels, or even outdoor locations like parks and beaches. The choice is ultimately yours! (Just remember: If you’re hosting at home or in a hotel, you can always buy cheap hens party games and decorations at affordable prices online!)

    Plan Your Activities

    Planning activities for your hens party on a budget will help save mo

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  2. 4 Low-key Hens Party Ideas for the Laid-Back Bride

    Hens Party Ideas for the Laid-Back Bride

    A hens night can be an exhilarating and memorable experience, but it doesn’t always have to be wild and crazy. If you’re looking for some low-key hens party ideas for your big night out, there are plenty of fun hens night games and accessories that can help set the tone for an unforgettable time with your bridesmaids. This list of four low-key hens party ideas will help you figure out how to get the most out of your last night on the town as a single woman.

    Afternoon Tea

    Making your own tea party is fun and will also help you save on food costs. Add a few fancy hens night accessories to spruce up your table, and give your guests an opportunity to wear something a little nicer than their weekend best. Set up some fun hens night games and trivia (with prizes, of course) and enjoy cocktails or

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