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  1. How to Throw the Perfect Vintage-themed Hens Night

    hens night

    If you’re organising a hens night, chances are you want to do something different to the regular weekend away or spa-themed night out with your girls, which is why throwing a vintage-themed hens party might be just what you’re looking for. Here are some ideas to get you started on throwing the perfect vintage-themed hens night!

    Get a Complete Vintage Makeover

    There’s no point in going all out with hens night accessories and decorations if you don’t have matching outfits and look. So, why not plan a vintage makeover for you and your guests. Your local beauty salon should be able to give you an authentic ‘50s or ‘60s look that will help transport your party back in time! Make sure you book ahead, though this might not be an easy request for them.

    Vintage Style Tea Party

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  2. 4 Hens Party Decorations That Will Make Your Bash Unforgettable

    bridal party sashes

    When it comes to planning the perfect hens party, your decorations are just as important as the venue, the food and the entertainment. It’s these little touches that will make your event memorable and help you stand out from all of the other parties your friends have been to recently. So, if you want to throw an unforgettable hens party, these four decorations will get you well on your way!

    Hens Party Banners

    A good party banner is important to get everyone in a party mood and make your guests feel welcome. Hang your banner in a prominent place so that it can be seen by all of your guests as they arrive, such as over a doorway or on an archway. You can hang them on walls, around doors or behind a head table at an outdoor hens party for a fun and festive look.

    Hens Party Balloons

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