hens night supplies

It’s summer, and that means hens parties are in full swing! A hens party is an elegant celebration of the bride-to-be and her last hurrah before marriage, but it doesn’t always have to be about home parties. Sometimes, it’s nice to just let loose and have some fun with your friends. That said, there are plenty of classy hens party ideas that you can enjoy even if you want to keep things formal. Here are three hens party ideas that would be great for a summer wedding.

Go Camping

A hens party is the right time to give life to your beloved camping getaways. Even if you live in a city, there are plenty of great options available that allow overnight stays. As long as you have a great tent and some tasty recipes planned, there is no reason why you can’t spend time outdoors on your own little adventure. You can also spruce up the party feel by adding a few hens night supplies, decorations, and more to your camping tent. After all, girls’ nights can be held anywhere, not just at home!

Overnight Cruise

If you’re having a destination party, book an overnight cruise and ask your guests to come along. When you choose an overnight cruise, you’ll have fun, it will be memorable, and it won’t cost too much. You can even start at dinner time and continue partying until breakfast. Ask your guests to bring appropriate dresses to wear, so you and your guests can enjoy sitting on deck without feeling too hot or bothered by other people around you. Buy cheap hens night supplies online to decorate your space and instil that party feeling.

Day Trip

Take a trip down to your local beach. Make sure to bring lots of food and drinks and set up blankets on the sand. It’s essential to stay hydrated during your day outside, so make sure you have plenty of water with you. Pack light snacks such as crackers with cheese or peanut butter, dried fruit, and energy bars with nuts. Also, bring some hens night games to play so that you can enjoy a beautiful day on the shore with your besties.