hens night supplies

Are you asked by the bride to host a hens party? From planning games that help bring out everyone’s competitive spirit to finding just the right hens night accessories to top off the outfits, there are numerous things that you should consider to ensure the bride and her guests have an amazing time at the hens night. Here are some tips on how to keep everyone entertained at a hens night!

Be Silly and Get Everyone Laughing

A hens night is all about getting messy and having fun. If you want your hens night games to be as entertaining as possible, think silly. Make sure you have a good range of different games on hand, including word games and practical jokes that get everyone involved. It’s best not to overthink things; if you start to panic about what game is best for your group, take a step back and relax. You can always check the online store for some ideas on cheap hens night games.

Play Games with a Price (or treats!)

When you’re inviting a group of women with different personalities, styles, and interests together for a hens party, it can be hard to keep everyone entertained. To get them interacting and having fun, play games that have a prize at stake. It could be anything from simple hens night supplies keepsake to vouchers for a spa treatment or tickets for that concert they’ve all been nagging you about. By giving away prizes, everyone will want to play, and everyone will want to win!

Take Pictures

You’ll want to take photos of your hen night activity throughout so your hens can laugh and reminisce later. Doing so will make everyone feel more comfortable and help them have a blast at the hens party. Use an iPhone or high-quality camera for the best results.

Watch Funny Video Together

Watching funny videos together is a great way to keep everyone entertained at a hens party. Hilarious videos are a really good tool for sparking conversation, but only if they’re used properly. This means that you need someone with an eye for comedy and wit; if you show them bad (or lame) videos, it will only result in awkward silence. If you want people to be entertained, don’t let your video watching be random.