hens night

If you’re organising a hens night, chances are you want to do something different to the regular weekend away or spa-themed night out with your girls, which is why throwing a vintage-themed hens party might be just what you’re looking for. Here are some ideas to get you started on throwing the perfect vintage-themed hens night!

Get a Complete Vintage Makeover

There’s no point in going all out with hens night accessories and decorations if you don’t have matching outfits and look. So, why not plan a vintage makeover for you and your guests. Your local beauty salon should be able to give you an authentic ‘50s or ‘60s look that will help transport your party back in time! Make sure you book ahead, though this might not be an easy request for them.

Vintage Style Tea Party

Hosting a vintage-style tea party is a fun and quirky way to celebrate your hens night. Keep it simple with pretty China, or have some fun and personalise things by making your own vintage-style tea towels or place cards. Most importantly, remember to relax, have fun, and be yourself!

Book a Retro Photoshoot

When you’re working on planning a vintage hens party, one of your first stops should be booking an awesome retro photoshoot. Get inspiration from the style icons of yesteryear who always look best in old-school lingerie. It’s more than fun—it gives you some seriously sassy poses for your themed night out.

Vintage Dance Class

Make your hens night even more fun with a vintage dance class. These types of classes are all over Australia and allow you to learn simple ballroom and line dances from days gone by. After spending an evening learning some cool moves, it’ll be easy for everyone to get on board with each other’s song requests on your wedding day.

Plan a Vintage Movie Night

Instead of playing typical hens night games, have a screening of one of your favourite black-and-white films. You can choose from an endless list of films made in the golden age. Hosting a movie night gives you and your bridesmaids plenty of time to mingle with each other while still keeping things fun by watching one of your favourites as a group.